Why I’m Back in Chiapas: Jake

We’re very sad because two-time expeditioner, Jake, is leaving us to return to Utah. In January, Jake joined us as a volunteer. He has participated in two expeditions, the first in Choholjo and the second in Los Pozos. After graduation from high school, he was looking to contribute in a larger way and has helped us plan this year’s expedition. We (as well as him) are bummed that he won’t be able to build with us at Zequentic but are grateful we were able to use his help for the pre-planning. Read more about Jake’s love for Chiapas below:

When I was in high school, Escalera came to my school and said that they were taking a group of students to Chiapas, Mexico to build a classroom for kids who had to walk a couple of hours to get to school.

I sounded like a great time. We built a classroom in Chojolho. I learned a lot and enjoyed myself so much that when Escalera came again to my high school the following year and said they were taking another expedition, I could not resist.

This time we built a classroom in Los Pozos. over the two expeditions I took, I grew a love for the people of Chiapas. I was fascinated to see how they worked and their lifestyle. When I returned to the States, I thought a lot about the people of Chiapas, I felt good about the work we had done, but I knew I needed to go back and be a helping hand wherever I could.

I reached out to Molly who I knew from the past expeditions. She said that they could use a hand, so I flew to Chiapas and have enjoyed every second of being here. The work Escalera does is amazing and goes a long way to providing a better education for children in Chiapas.


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