Chiapas is Mexico's poorest state where school is still out of reach for many children.

Located in southern Mexico at the border with Guatemala, Chiapas is the country's poorest state. In recent decades, northern Mexico has developed at an impressive rate, but Chiapas remains left behind and forgotten. In rural Chiapas, the descendants of the Mayans still live off the corn they grow themselves and speak dozens of different indigenous languages. Mexico's minimum wage is $3.50 dollars a day, but this is more than what many of our students' families make. Our field data shows that students' mothers on average only had three years of schooling. 

For today's students in Chiapas, widespread poverty and malnutrition mans that too many drop out of school before they graduate. They lose all the far-reaching and multi-generational benefits that education brings. We are changing this story. Our vision of a world where everyone has access to a quality education, is aware of this opportunity, and has the resources to take advantage of it begins with Chiapas.