We’re updating our technology!

Every year, we use lots and lots of paper at the office. Whether we’re printing reports or documenting the scholarships we give students, we’re using too much paper! During the REACH cycle, we have field staff go out and while they motivate teachers and students who receive REACH, they also have to gather important data.

We used to gather this information on paper, which meant we then had to input all the data into spreadsheets. Which means double the work for our field staff. Well, we’re really excited because on Friday we started training our field staff on how to use tablets and SurveyCTO to collect data. This means no more paper for the data our field staff collects!

By no longer using paper for our field staff surveys, not only are we saving ourselves a lot of work on the back-end of surveys (inputting into tables,  making sure it was inputted correctly, and cleaning the data) but we are also reducing our use of paper and moving towards becoming a more tech-savy team.

We chose SurveyCTO because we can collect data offline. This is a super important feature for the information we gather since many schools we go to don’t even have phone access! But there are other cool features we’re looking forward to learning about; we can geo-reference locations, take pictures, record audio, and a lot more. We’re very excited to learn more about what can be done.

The team is very excited for our new technological improvements and we can’t wait to share what REACH has in store this year. Keep in touch as we learn more about our technological improvements and improve in other areas as well.

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