Meet David: Running for REACH

David, an experienced runner who loves ultra-marathons, will be running for REACH over the next five months. He will be running 12 kms a day, a total of 1791 kilometers! This is the distance between his house in Monterrey to our office in San Cristobal de las Casas. You can follow his Generosity campaign here.  […]


10 Questions with Daniela

1. What is your name?  Daniela Guadalupe Lopez Estrada 2. Where are you from?  San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas 3.   Where and what did you study? Bachelor’s in Public Accounting 4. How long have you been working at Escalera? Two years. 5. What did you do before working at Escalera? I worked at […]


The Chamula Experience

Yutniotic holds a special place in our hearts and when Rise Now asked us if we knew of a school where they could built a playground we immediately thought of their middle school. Today was the playground’s inauguration and, as usual, going to Yutniotic was an experience. After wandering around San Juan Chamula and thinking […]


Another Successful School Build

It’s Friday and this morning, I didn’t wake up to the sound of church bells ringing at 5:45 am (people have to go to mass since Easter is approaching), the fireworks that went off right after the church bells, or the sound of chicks, chickens, and roosters. Instead the truck that brings gas played its […]


The Need for Inclusive Education

Last week we attended Mexicanos Primero’s “Tod@s” conference in Mexico City. Mexicanos Primero is a think tank based in Mexico which focuses on high quality education for all students around the country. In Mexico, 42.6% of the population lives below the poverty line. There are more than 30 million students in school, however education isn’t […]


Why I’m Back in Chiapas: Jake

We’re very sad because two-time expeditioner, Jake, is leaving us to return to Utah. In January, Jake joined us as a volunteer. He has participated in two expeditions, the first in Choholjo and the second in Los Pozos. After graduation from high school, he was looking to contribute in a larger way and has helped […]


Why Women’s Education is Fundamental to Progress

In many developing countries, girls’ education is not as important as boys’. If parents have to choose between sending their son or daughter to school, they will choose to send their son. This happens for a variety of reasons. In many cases, receiving education means  paying for the expenses associated with going to school (books, inscription fees, transportation), walking […]


10 Questions with Jackie

1. What is your name?  Lourdes Jacqueline Gomez Cruz 2. Where are you from?  My beautiful San Cristobal de las Casas 3. Where and what did you study?  I studied law in a private university called San Marcos in San Cristobal. I decided to not study at a public school because I had to work and […]


Entrepreneurs in Training

Imagine you speak English at home and all your classes are in Spanish… Imagine your parents haven’t gone to college and might not have finished middle school… Imagine you have a class project where you learn everything about a business and have to present it at a university… This was the case for the students […]


We’re updating our technology!

Every year, we use lots and lots of paper at the office. Whether we’re printing reports or documenting the scholarships we give students, we’re using too much paper! During the REACH cycle, we have field staff go out and while they motivate teachers and students who receive REACH, they also have to gather important data. We […]