Entrepreneurs in Training

Imagine you speak English at home and all your classes are in Spanish… Imagine your parents haven’t gone to college and might not have finished middle school… Imagine you have a class project where you learn everything about a business and have to present it at a university… This was the case for the students […]


We’re updating our technology!

Every year, we use lots and lots of paper at the office. Whether we’re printing reports or documenting the scholarships we give students, we’re using too much paper! During the REACH cycle, we have field staff go out and while they motivate teachers and students who receive REACH, they also have to gather important data. We […]


For the Love of Learning

What is Valentine’s Day? Many of us know it as the holiday retailers use to sell hearts, chocolates, and cards. However, we may not know the history behind this romantic celebration. Today we’ll take a look at the history behind Valentine’s Day. In Ancient Rome, Lupercalia took place between February 13th and 15th. This was an […]