10 Questions with Jackie

1. What is your name? 

Lourdes Jacqueline Gomez Cruz

2. Where are you from? 

My beautiful San Cristobal de las Casas

3. Where and what did you study? 

I studied law in a private university called San Marcos in San Cristobal. I decided to not study at a public school because I had to work and unfortunately, here the public schools do not give us the opportunity to study in the evening.

4. How long have your worked at Escalera?

On October 30th, 2016, I celebrated four years.

5. What did you do before working at Escalera?

I worked at CONAFE, where I was able to provide my support as a teacher in communities with difficult access where SECH (Ministry of Education in Chiapas) could not get to because they have specific number of students required to bring services to. That is where my love for education started.

6. What has been the experience that has most impacted you? 

Classroom construction in Pajalton Bajo, Chamula. It was a marvelous experience, seeing how parents  concerned with the education of their children did the impossible to build a classroom with the help of Escalera. They did not have a flat terrain where they could built the classroom, so the parents worked day and night to flatten the terrain. Something that seemed impossible was achieved because they believed they could do it.

7. Why is education important to you? 

For me, education is the raw material that leads a person to live a fulfilled life that helps them overcome obstacles,  ignorance, and conformity. In addition, education allows a person to improve, protect, and conserve the goods and values of their cultural inheritance, which is why it is so important to me.

8. Tell us something about you that many people don’t know: 

I don’t like the beach.

9. What is your favorite book? 

“The Knight of the Rusty Armor” by Robert Fisher, I really really recommend it.

10. If someone is planning a trip to Chiapas, where would you recommend they go?

I have three recommendations, the first is San Cristobal de las Casas, it is a city filled with different ethnicities, you can see the cultural diversity, there is a lot of colonial wealth in my city, and you can enjoy a good coffee. The second option is the Lacandon Jungle, as Chiapas is one of the states that is known for its wealth of flora and fauna and it is an ideal place to explore and relax. My last option is the coast, because in Chiapas, we also have the ocean and the sound of the ocean is Chiapas’ lullaby.

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